long strip of mini circuitboards



Our Capability on Bare board PCB Double Sided, Multi-Layer, Flex & Rigid Flex.

Maximum Board Layers – Rigid
Maximum Board Layers- Flex
Maximum Panel size
Metal Core
Board Thickness
Base Material Multi-layer
Base Material Flex

Trace Width/Spacing
Minimum hole size
Silk screen/Legend/color
LPI solder mask color
Maximum hole ratio
Surface Plating
Gold Finger

Up to 24 Layers
Up to 18 layers
Aluminum Core Material
Minimum .004” Maximum .125”
FR-4 (Tg 150 deg C),Fr-408 (Tg 170 deg).
Kapton material .001-.005 base material Copper thickness ½ oz,C),G10.
1oz, 2oz.Coverlay material .001-005 thickness with .001-.002 adhesive.
½ oz copper .004 width/ space. 1 oz copper .005 width/space
.006 drill diameter
white, black, yellow, red
green, black, red, clear
Hasl, Enig, Immersion Tin, Lead Free,Tin Lead Reflow
Nickel .0002 Gold .00003 to .00005
rigid-flex circuitboards